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Michelle Bruski-Dumpert

Composer for Film, Television and Media 


I have a responsibility to make you feel.

I believe to move others, with or without words, is in the telling of a poignant story – whether it be on screen, on canvas, or in the expressive movement of a dancer. 

Music, too, has that remarkable power.  

When the story is comical or serious, beautiful or frightening, it’s an honor to bring emotions and meanings to light through music, so they move you more.  

I lean into ideas that ripple with drama and emotion and rich meaning. From intense and dark to warm and expressive, I’m captivated by a good story, and can’t wait for the opportunity to throw myself into composing the music score that truly brings your vision to full fruition. 

If this resonates with you, please contact me to book a consultation call!

"The greatest artists are the greatest collaborators, and Michelle is as good as it gets.  From script to finished cut, she is constantly dialed into every aspect of the production process, and fine tunes her sounds to fit the material. Michelle is wonderfully versatile at capturing the mood and tone of the image through music, whether it be a family drama, a darkly comedic satire, or a nightmarish horror film.  She always delivers, and is as personable and down to earth as anyone you will ever meet."

- Philip Cornwal, Award Winning Director and Writer

- Kim at the Gym,

Director and Actor

“Bringing Michelle in on our latest project was the absolute best decision we could have made. The score for the piece seemed to be the most daunting and overwhelming part yet, we know it’s also the most important component to the viewer experience. We could not get this wrong!  Michelle’s expertise made the whole process easy and enjoyable. And the project turned out better than I could have ever imagined - it’s as if she can feel the music before any note is recorded. She truly has a gift of capturing the moment with the perfect sound- and it makes all the difference.”

"Michelle instinctively understood the vibe and feel of my film. Her soundtrack brought the entire film together and elevated it to the next level. I can’t recommend working with her enough!"

- Naomi Klockars , Award Winning Director and Writer

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